Mar 6, 2021: Flippin’ Heck

Or, the day you’d have booked the shopping to come later if you’d realised you’d be up early yesterday to watch WandaVision and stay up late last night playing video games.

We’ve finished Carole’s history-themed jigsaw. The escape room style one she got me for Christmas remains unfinished in the bowels of the table, but the history one – covering events from early pottery to Elton John, via the invention of the printing press – has been done. And, as I sort of thought it might do when I picked it up, it’s ended up in a frame.

I did buy it thinking it might end up as a wall-based puzzle/reference tool but since Carole went to her parents and discovered that they have framed a jigsaw we bought them (of some hot air balloons, it’s not even educational for goodness sake) she’s been wanting to frame it.

And so that time came.

If you subscribe to the multiverse theory, in one universe there is the pair of us shouting, swearing and shedding tears at a pile of jigsaw pieces which have slid out from between a thin piece of perspex and a blue baize mat, crashed onto the floor and undone all the work that went before it.

Although there’s also a universe where the pair of us were so forward thinking we got the frame beforehand and built the jigsaw directing onto the back of it so we wouldn’t have to go through the nerve-wracking moment of flipping it over and hoping it didn’t all go to shit.

It didn’t all go to shit, though. In a turn of events which surprised even me, we managed to flip the gaming surface of the table, holding the “glass” of the picture frame over the jigsaw and get it into the frame with absolutely no lost pieces or broken joins at all.

A genuine fricking miracle.

I thought for sure that we’d be having to rebuild a decent portion of the puzzle within the frame as the 1900s slid out or something, but nope. One easy flip of quite a large surface and it was done. Amazing. It was harder, actually, to get the staples that held the corner protectors out of the frame than it was to flip the jigsaw over and get in its new home.

But it does mean we’re one of those houses where they have a jigsaw on the wall.

But it’s in the back bedroom so no-one will really see it.

But still…

The games table is empty though. And there’s still a day or so of the game-a-day plan to go…