Mar 7, 2021: Hey Netflix, You Haven’t Asked If We’re Still Watching

Carole had plans for tonight.

A regular get together, via the medium of the internet, with a couple of friends. This get together had been variously missed for the past few weeks for one reason and another, but it was definitely on tonight. Definitely. So I made plans to do things, and Carole had plans and it was all good.

And then the plans changed and the get together was off. And that was sad. And all the plans were torn asunder. And I mentioned that the change of plans didn’t just affect her, it affected me too. And we decided that we would still do things as we had planned – Carole was going to be doing some stuff, as she regularly did, during her get together so she’d do it anyway and I could do my things too.

So anyway, we binged the rest of season 2 of Discovery and no-one got any of what they’d planned done.

And it was lovely.

But it was funny because before the Discovery incident, as we shall call it, we were both adamantly going to do things in our own spheres of influence. And we were definitely doing it. And we were looking forward to it. And it would be good to have a bit of “alone” time at the end of Carole’s week off from work (such as it was with uni lectures and essays and the like) and it would allow Carole to get sorted for returning to work tomorrow and whatever else.

And then we just abandoned all that because we only had two episodes of Discovery left and it seemed stupid to not just watch them so we could start Season 3 afresh later next week on a non-studying/non-gaming night. If such a thing should occur, that is.

I’d like to say that we put up a huge argument against just remaining on the couch watching Netflix. But we didn’t. Not even one single objection was raised. I pointed out there were two episodes left. Carole pointed out it would be daft not to watch it. We watched it.

All our determination to have a whatever tonight would have been night went out of the window in the course of a very short two sentence conversation.

I know none of it was life or death, but the speed with which we abandoned our plans was amazing. Inspirational, some might say. I don’t know who. But it’s the kind of thing that’s described as inspirational. The speed of thought that goes into a decision like that. Inspirational.

I’m so proud of us. No regrets.