Mar 13, 2021: Dice Forge

A quiet Saturday afternoon, and a break for Carole from the trials and tribulations of comparing folk music to rock. What better way to spend it, then, by throwing large dice around in the gaming table trying to win the most points through heroic favours?

Dice Forge is a deck building game, kind of, but instead of a deck you put new faces onto some dice thus making your rolls much tastier in the long run. This was our second attempt at playing it – the first, earlier in the week, ended up being an exercise in game prep where we spent a good half hour or so putting all the dice together, sorting out the cards and arranging everything in the – very well designed, I will say – inlay of the box. Everything has its space, and there’s space for everything.

Although being faced with that much admin after opening the box was a little off-putting. But once you done it, it’s an absolute doddle to get out what you need each game, and it’s a joy to put away as well. But bloody hell, it was some work. Between that and the instructions being a bit scant on information where you’re first faced with a pile of bits and pieces, I was thinking that this present I got Carole for her birthday might be a disaster.

But it’s not.

We played it. I didn’t win. We don’t need to dwell on that further. But it’s one of those games where we’ve both found ourselves questioning what we did, or didn’t do, in terms of moves. It seems really tempting to get loads of gold because gold is what allows you to buy the new faces, and there are powers to convert it into points, but after a bit it becomes a useless currency if you don’t have those cards in play and so you’re rolling with a high chance of gold, and not getting the other currencies you need to buy the big points cards.

And the cards that don’t offer any points – we ignored them completely. But they give you powers to gain points or resources in other ways. We should definitely have had some of them along the way. I’ve had more ideas on how I might go about another game. But I cannot externalise any of them because Carole will use them against me, and she already beat me when I was sure I was going to win once so it’s just best if I keep quiet I think.

But if I don’t win the next game…