Mar 14, 2021: Rooms For Improvement

We tackled another couple of online escape rooms today. And, again, we went for the ones that are digitised versions of actual rooms because they add a different feel to the ones that are puzzle after puzzle with no sort of exploration in between.

And because I don’t want to play one of the remote avatar style ones because I think that, while great to play a room, loses a lot the searching elements because you are, whether consciously or not, somewhat steered by your walking GoPro.

So, we went back to the Lake District to do the final one of their three online versions which involved us bringing life to a Frankenstein’s monster type creature. I have to say, we were greatly improved over last week’s efforts. That was evident from the get go. We still got hooked up on one particular part, but that was more a case of the interface being a bellend than us being stupid. If we had been there in the flesh, we wouldn’t have got caught up with that to anywhere near the same extent as we did in the digital version so it was all good. Having finished it, though, it would have been good to see the ending in person, I think. So maybe some time shall pass and memories will fade and we should have a run at it in real life just to see that.

And then we hopped over to the Algarve to explore a secret lab. This one was not our finest hour – but it was entirely my fault for not being able to read and then get increasingly arsey about not being able to read (although I also blame light flare on the digitised room) and the fact that me not being able to read had also developed into a puzzle of its own with a solution of its own which didn’t work and led to more frustration.

But after that it was great.

And, considering it was a science-based room with science-y things in it, Carole didn’t lose interest in it because it’s not something she understands or is into in any way, shape or form. So that was a plus point. I mean, she has little faith in someone with a Chemistry degree being able to identify models of compounds without refering to the chart in the room (as no outside knowledge is needed to solve a room, after all). She showed that quite clearly by saying, “Is that really it or are you just dicking about?” as I gave her the weight of each model before she told me what colour balls I was looking for. It might have been twenty-odd years, but I’ve still got it…

It’s just reading clock faces I’m not so good at.