Mar 18, 2021: Gods Love Dinosaurs

Thursday night is games night. Unless it isn’t. Which it nearly wasn’t as Nik had decided we weren’t playing for some reason, and Daniel had pissed off to Vienna but forgotten to mention it. Possibly because with the various European lockdown rules, he might not have been supposed to go to Vienna… but who knows?

Anyway, play we did. Which was nice. A welcome change to the not playing of the past few weeks.

And our chosen game was Gods Love Dinosaurs. I chose it. I chose it based on an Instagram picture of a board gamer that I follow, and I decided I liked it purely because it had fun shaped meeples. And by fun shaped I mean there’s a mother-flipping dinosaur in the mix. As well as an eagle and a tiger. And some rabbits, frogs and rats for good measure.

Basically, you’re setting up an ecosystem built around a dinosaur who lives on a mountain. Build the ecosystem, breed the prey, attract predators, and coax the dinosaur down off of the mountain to nibble on some lovely tasty, satiated tigers and eagles. At which point, as well all know from the science, the dinosaur will immediately pop out an egg for every predator it’s eaten.

I mean, that’s the basic gist of it.

We watched a How To Play video of it yesterday which was, and I don’t wish to undersell this, an absolute pile of wank. It was terrible. It had no structure, no flow, nothing. Just a man, holding meeples and talking quickly. That was it. In fact, having watched the video I was less sure of how to play the game than I was having already played it (with myself) a few weeks ago to learn how it worked.

But we banished that from our minds, and had a cheeky practice game this afternoon. And practice games don’t count. Them’s the rules and all that. Which is great, because I came a stinking second to Carole. By one point. The gap between us would have been larger but Caz pointed out a move I could make on the last go which netted me some further points. I’m sure I helped her out earlier on, but that’s been forgotten about because history is written by the victors and all that, but whatever. I lost, she won. Either way we were primed and ready for our game with Nik.

Nik tried to watch several how to play videos but fell asleep during them all.

Basically, we had to play and teach him how to play (he had read the rules so knew the gist) and all before the need for an old man nap caught up with him.

And play we did. And hustled we were. I think it’s fair to say. Nik destroyed us both, despite not knowing what he was doing. Despite me having actual plans and strategies. Despite Carole making her moves really quickly for some reason. Despite all that, he beat us both.

But, as it was his first game it’s only a practice so it doesn’t count. Which is a shame. Better luck next time.

Crucially, though, I beat Carole. Quite decisively. And that does count, because we’d played before. If we took Nik out of the equation because of it only being a practice, I smashed a victory on that game.

We’re going to play it again next week, all being well, with Daniel if he’s not galivanting hither and thither. So technically, it’ll only be a practice game then, too.

But we’ll wait for the final scores before we decide that for definite.