Mar 20, 2021: Freedom!

We’re beginning to slip free of the bounds of oppression. Or something like that, anyway.

There’s nothing like a letter – a letter, in 2021… what is this, the dark ages? – to tell you that your Sky Subscription is increasing to make you re-evaulate your televisual habits. Especially when faced with the past year at home, whether working or not. Have we, as a pair of humans with eyes, watched enough TV to justify the price?



It’s really weird. We haven’t just watched TV. We haven’t just put the TV on to see what’s on. I mean, sure, sometimes we’ll flick about and settle on a Big Bang Theory, say. But that’s on Netflix. We could watch it on there. Other than that, there’s no real flicking. I might, occassionally, enjoy a Finding Bigfoot but I can get that shit all over the internet. I need not the trappings of Sky’s weird TV packages for that.

So we think we’re going to ditch it.

It’s a scary step. We have not known a world without Sky.

I mean, we’re not losing them completely, because we’re going to scooch over to Now TV which is only Sky Does Netflix, but it’s cheaper and, in a way, more focused. And it has all the things we watch in. The only downside is that we can’t leave things festering for a year or more before we watch them. But I don’t see that being a deal-breaker.

Well, that and the fact that when mum comes to stay the TV will be a world of mystery and excitement the likes of which she is not familiar with, but that’s a bridge we can cross at that time.

So now we have to go through the weirdness of cancelling Sky. Ringing them up and saying, “Hey, we’d like to cancel please.” And them not taking “no” for an answer. “Can I ask why you want to cancel?” they’ll say. “Because we don’t feel we’re getting out money’s worth,” we’ll answer. Or because we’ve not watched anything of note throughout the whole of Lockdown that we couldn’t get from another source. Or because it’s really hard to keep up with watching things and knowing what channel they are on when Sky renames channels on a fricking whim.

And they’ll say, “will you stay if we give you free movies” or something like that.

And we’ll be like… no thanks. Because we can actually add movies to Now TV and it still be cheaper than a Sky package.

I mean, sure, I will treasure all the memories. I will treasure that time I rung up about the remote not working and they asked if I was holding it with the buttons on top and not pointing at myself. I will miss all the times the Sky box has crashed because it’s horseshit and I’ve had to fanny about pulling out and replacing a wire in a unit that was cunningly set up to hide the wires. I will miss all that shit.

But not that much…