Mar 25, 2021: Gods Really Love Dinosaurs

We got the band back together for games night this week. By which I mean, Daniel had stopped his whistle-stop tour of all the wonders Vienna had to offer and remembered that he was the one that usually pestered us to play all the time.

We had another crack at Gods Love Dinosaurs – Carole, Nik and myself now being the seasoned pros after our one run through last week, and Daniel not having played it before but having watched a video about it with a “cute guy” in it. So everyone was up to speed.

And I had strategies to try out after last week’s games.

I was determined to win. I was keen. I was ready. I was poised.

I was second.

Because what happened, amongst other things, is that I forgot my strategies. My carefully honed plans for world domination, plans I had crafted for this game – fool proof plans which would accommodate any eventuality. I forgot them all.

I think, in part, because I went into a panic mode early on as I didn’t get my hands on any predator tiles in the first run through and was on the back foot when it came to the dino chowing down on that sweet, sweet food. Because I didn’t have any predators, I laid no eggs. And no eggs equals no points. And that was right at the start, when there’s a whole game ahead of me and everything to play for but for some reason, in my mind, it was all over. I panicked. I threw my planned plans away. And winged it.

To second.

Here’s what I know to be true – you don’t, in a bid to catch up with the players in the lead, eat all your predators in one go. Leave one of each on the board. That way, you can make more when the time is right… even if – entirely hypothetically of course – all the other buggers you’re playing with have taken all the other predator tiles. Hypothetically, of course.

What I did, was eat everything.

Screwed myself over six ways from Sunday and really struggled to get everything back in order to scrape a lowly second place.

At one point, towards the end of the game, I convinced myself I was going to win. I genuinely thought that I’d managed to claw it back following a healthy predator round at the last possible opportunity.

I was rolling in them eggs, as the cool kids say.

And then Nik had more.

But we all beat Daniel. And that’s the main thing.

And we can never play it again because there’s every chance he’s got his eye in now and will destroy us all.