Mar 29, 2021: Napping

I might have had a side-effect of the jab after all. Huzzah.

After hearing everyone banging on about how bad they’d felt the day after the jab, and how my mum had suffered with aching joints and shivering on the night she got the vaccination, I had braced myself for the worst.

And I was disappointed when nothing happened.

I know that sounds like a weird thing to say, because who wants side effects from things anyway, but I was fully expecting them. And they would help me, to some extent, make an informed decision as to what I do with regards to work when I have the second shot. Because, again anecdotally, sometimes the second shot is worse than the first in terms of the side effect and sometimes it’s fine. So it’d be nice to have a clue what I’d be doing.

Because scaring the bejesus out of people in an escape room is much better done when you don’t feel like shit. I can deal with an aching arm, but headache and flu-like symptoms do not a scary encounter make.

So I was hoping for some sort of benchmark.

And I got nothing.

Well, not quite nothing.

I slept.

I napped on and off throughout the day.

Which is a side effect. Feeling tired. It’s there, on the leaflet.

But then, equally, I can pretty much guarantee that if I lie down on the couch I will fall asleep. And then when you’re already in a comfortable sleeping position – or as comfy as you can be on the couch – you tend to want to stay there, and you’ll nod in and out of consciousness as the time passes. Waking up, for example, everytime someone comes downstairs because you have to maintain the air of someone who definitely wasn’t asleep. Which is even more futile when you consider how loudly I snore. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind what I was doing.

So I don’t know if I was actually tired because of the jab. Or just tired in general and just opting for lying down over ploughing caffeine products into my body which normally keeps the naps at bay.

It’s like with anything – when you start looking for things, you notice things and then you’re going to tie them into something that’s happened.

So I might have had a side effect. Which is exciting. It’s just the most boring of all of them.

Which is typical.