One Fluff Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Forgive me, it’s been a few days since my last confession, erm, entry. Not a lot has happened in the world of the Fluffs. Mainly things have been floating around in my head, where they rattle around and bang into other ideas and swirl and take shape. One thing which did come to the front of my mind, and has stuck, is that should the Fluffs ever get published, they shall be known as Fluff and Nonsense. The reasons are at least two-fold.

 1) It’s kinda catchy and

2) The Fluffs sounds very similar to The Flumps, which were a series in the UK a fair few years ago, when i was a wee one.

 And I have an urge to revamp my entire website, having discovered the image map tool in Paint Shop Pro. I am sooo easily led. So anyway, that’s a pipeline plan.

I made a “to do” list, concerning the website revamp. It’s very good. It says “Meta Tags”. I wrote this list while I was in bed. I fell asleep. What can I say? I slept through Temple Of Doom, so all of Kate Capshaw’s screaming can not awaken me. I suppose I could refer to the magazine review of my site, which only had a few niggles, to see what I should be improving. I’ve had the best review in the magazine for the last 10 issues or so, so I am a smug bugger. 🙂 Maybe that should be “smugger”.

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