All Aboard For Little Riddle

Originally Published: 6 December 2009

[A blog about the setting of the episodic murder-mystery title Blue Toad Murder Files]

Set deep in the heart of rural England, the village of Little Riddle has plenty to offer the discerning visitor.

Little Riddle is best experienced when visited by train. The magnificent steam locomotive allows you the time to drink in the scenery, providing a beautiful introduction to the area before pulling, majestically, into Little Riddle station.

The station affords you your first glimpse of Little Riddle, and is everything you’d expect from a quaint English railway station. As Little Riddle is a quiet village you can expect a warm and friendly greeting from the Station Master.

Once you enter the village itself your first port of call will probably be the hotel, allowing you the opportunity to offload your luggage, take a breath and gather your thoughts before you head out to explore the village in more detail. While the hotelier may not seem as outwardly approachable as the Station Master, don’t let his abrupt nature put you off. The hotel is certainly the best in the area, and you’ll soon warm to his almost constant complaining about his guests (and their pets).

For a rural village, Little Riddle is certainly blessed with a multitude of places to visit, many harking back to a simpler life and allowing you to feel as if you’ve left the hustle-and-bustle of stressful city life behind you. Take in the splendour of the last working watermill in the area, watching the water glisten as the wheel spins. When you visit the mill, you may even have the chance to speak with the Miller, who’ll be more than happy to talk about his work and the local area.

If your journey has inspired you to write home, and encourage your loved ones to take a break in Little Riddle, then why not pay a visit to the local Post Office. While many rural Post Offices are facing closure, Little Riddle’s is going from strength to strength. This is the place to come if you want to grab a postcard featuring one of the beautiful buildings in the area, or to listen to any tid-bits of local gossip.

Little Riddle boasts one of the finest Town Halls in the area. Situated in the heart of the village, the Town Hall is a must-see for any visitor and, if you time your visit just right, you may even get the opportunity to talk with the Mayor himself.

The town boasts a welcoming atmosphere and friendly locals who are literally dying to meet you. Should you wish to visit this charming locale, the next train to Little Riddle leaves a station near you on December 17th. Tickets will be available from the PlayStation Network.