And They Called It Buggy Love

Originally Published: 12 January 2009

Over the Christmas period I planned to spend some quality time with a few RPGs. Whilst I did wile away a few hours battling various fiends and assorted evil creatures I also found myself traversing the African plains in Far Cry 2.

I like Far Cry 2 a lot. It took a while to grow on me, as my initial games didn’t last very long before I was lying dead in some bushes with no-one to save me. As I spent more time with the game, and got used to the different ways it can be played I’ve grown to love it more and more.

I’m currently still messing around in the Northern Territory. I have a lot more diamonds to find and, you know me –  I love a side quest. Seriously, I can be driving along by road or river and if my GPS light starts flashing I will stop to investigate, no matter what kind of situation I may find myself in. I will use trucks as make-shift platforms to get onto high rocks or buildings (I have noticed a lot of guard posts seem to think that storing their diamond in a suitcase on the roof makes it safer). I will do pretty much anything to get at that diamond stash. I think I’ve found about 60-70 of the 212 hidden stashes, and have a few more that I haven’t managed to access yet due to being on the wrong side of a cliff or two along the way.

Once I’d got the hang of the game I spent ages unlocking all the safe houses. I found a little buggy, and formed an unhealthy attachment to it. It became my equivalent of Richard Hammond’s car “Oliver” from one of the Top Gear specials. I loved that buggy. It served me well. I have subsequently lost it, as I parked up for a mission and, well, couldn’t remember where I’d left it. Since I lost it, no matter where I seem to go I cannot find another buggy. It’s all jeeps and trucks, although the fact that I have not formed an attachment to these vehicles means that, should the need arise, I can park it up somewhere and use it as a large explosive device.

But now the Fortune’s Pack has been released as downloadable content. Amongst the silenced shotguns and crossbows there’s a couple of new vehicles. A unimog which looks like a big-assed truck so probably makes a bigger bang when used as a mobile explosive, and a quad. A quad which I could love more than I already love my buggy.

But which is better – the sleek buggy, or the Ozzy Osbourne-threatening quad? There’s only one way to find out…