Build Me Up, Buttercup

Originally Published: 21 June 2008

Lego is a wonderful thing. I once built a massive vehicle out of the stuff – it was so wonderful that I often tried to recreate it and failed. I also, some twenty-odd years ago, made a lovely Ghostbusters-style proton pack out of the stuff. And an authentic ghost trap, with pneumatic powered opening. I rocked at Lego.

The recent release of Lego Indiana Jones got me thinking. We’ve had Star Wars twice, now Indy, and we’re soon to enjoy Batman (with the cutest Catwoman I have ever seen!). If I could make a Lego video game, what would I choose as my source material. Here’s the short-list of titles we’ve come up with:-

* Ghostbusters – if there wasn’t a game on the way, this would be awesome. Imagine stomping through New York in a Lego-esque Statue of Liberty as you played through Ghostbusters 2. Actually, even though the non-Lego game is coming, this could still be fab.
* Lord of the Rings – fits in nicely with the trilogy style set out in Indy and Star Wars. Lots of battles and potential for platformy, character swapping action. Also has Legolas in it for added pun value.
* Back to the Future – Another trilogy. I can already see the Enchantment under the Sea dance section in Lego without too much thinking. Not as many characters to pick from in this, but it could still work as there are enough action sequences in the three films to make the game.
* Doctor Who – Come on… I mean, ok, I am incredibly biased towards all things Who, but so far we’ve only had Doctor Who Top Trumps on DS and PS2 which is just not cutting it! It’s crying out for Lego. You’ve got 10 Doctors and more than 30 years of back-story to pick from. It’s got monsters galore and more playable characters than you could shake a stick at. Although I know that Carole would be spending an unhealthy amount of time playing with Lego David Tennant.
* Die Hard – Yippee-Kay-Aye Lego Bricker. John McClane and his grubby vest immortalised in plastic blocks. Maybe miss out Die Hard 4.0 because it’s not as good as the other three but build me a Nakatomi Plaza of shiny Lego bricks and let me push dead guys out of the windows.

So that’s some ideas on the table. What would you apply the magic of Lego to?