Hooray For Ebay

Originally Published: 5 February 2008

Dear Ebay,

I’m just writing to say a massive thank you for what you have done for me. As you know, I have a sellers account and I have been putting my old, completed games on for sale at low, low prices. That was all well and good until I ran out of games I’d finished and, while flicking through my games folders, have found a load of unfinished games that I have freshly rediscovered.

There are, it turns out, a lot of games I own that I’ve never really finished. I don’t know why – probably because the next game comes along and the older ones fall by the wayside – but picking these games up and spending time playing them again is like rediscovering the time when Wagon Wheels were really big and not the pathetic chocolate covered 10 pence pieces they are now. It’s a magical time.

So this letter is just to thank you for giving me the opportunity to rediscover my old games. To replay my old games. And to make the odd pound here and there, which I can then spend on new games. You’ve rekindled the flame in my gaming soul. and thrown all these games on as kindling.

I spent a scary few hours getting stuck on Forbidden Siren. I spent a while mourning my poor strategy in Pikmin and I’ve spent absolutely ages swearing at Fear Effect. I’ve been enjoying the world of Primal again, and even managed to dust off my SNES for a bash at Syndicate.

So, thank you Ebay. I promise to keep playing the games, as long as you keep letting me sell them!