PlayStation Notwork

Originally Published: 9 May 2011

[This was written during the hacking of PlayStation Network]

The PlayStation Network is still down.

It’s going to be down for a while yet as Sony have now found out that something else has been hacked and they’re working on sorting all that out. The biggest problem with not having access to PSN isn’t the fact that all my personal details might have been stolen and sold to the highest bidder or that my card details might have been compromised – I’m already sure that a Sony hacker has gone to Sainsbury’s far more than I have over the last week judging by my bank statement. No, for me, the worst part of having no access to the Network is that I can’t even look in the store to see if Red Johnson’s Chronicles is out yet.

Everything I’ve seen online points to the fact that it may well be. That it’s sitting there in the PlayStation store, gathering dust as we all sit and look at the message that says “The PlayStation Network is currently down for maintenance” as most of the workforce at Sony attempt to bolt the stable door and one lone guy stands there saying “Hey, guys, there’s… there’s a chance that the horse has got out. Guys. Guys? I think the horse knows my name.”

The most hated man in the city of Metropolis has been murdered. Not Superman’s Metropolis, a different Metropolis. If it was Superman’s Metropolis you could leave the investigating to the man with the cape. The thing with being the most hated person is that, should you be murdered, there will generally be quite a large assortment of suspects – each of which needs a thorough poke around before fingers can be pointed, motives explained and cases closed. And then there’s the puzzles. They are, by all accounts, Professor Layton style problems – albeit without the sinister overtones of a slightly camp man travelling around with a couple of young children in tow, one of whom he found and then lost on a train.

I want to be playing it. I want to be solving crime with Red Johnson. It would have been the perfect stop gap to kill a bit of time before I don hat and trench coat and play L.A Noire and solve some more crime. As it is, I’m not solving any crime and you know how it is when you have all these unsolved cases on your desk and the chief is on your back about it…

Stealing my identity and spending my money is one thing.

Taking away a chance to play this game is another.