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Originally Published: 23 March 2008

… all bloomin’ night!

So I joined in the Frag Doll gaming marathon this weekend. I played, more or less solidly (only breaking when Kirsten took a break, with the odd  find-cover-and-nip-to-the-loo strategy thrown in for good measure) from around 10pm Saturday night until the finish-line of 10am Sunday morning. 12 hours of Rainbow Six. Twelve hours of shooting brilliance. It was for a good cause, and it was a good laugh (although, when you’ve been awake for 27 hours, anything’s brilliantly funny I think – even the mundane stuff like, you know, focusing) so here are the some of the things that I learnt last night:-

* It took me twelve hours to get 300 multiplayer kills
* 100 shotgun kills didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so the other 200 must have taken me yonks.
* I hate the “Theater” map
* My post-death phrases involving defecation onto inanimate objects was brought into question. According to Kirsten, “more shooting of the bad guys, less shitting on a brick is what you need to do”
* Nestle’s Cookie Crisp is a very odd cereal.
* I managed to get promoted twice, once around the start of the night and once towards the end. A happy balance. And I’ll probably need those beautiful colours of camo. Especially if I could write “I played for 12 hours solid, and all I got was this lousy camo” upon it, and judging from the colour of it I’d need to be attacking a vomit factory.
* A full night of snow is nowhere near as deep as you think it will be when the sun comes up.
* When you’re tired, simple strategy (like peeking around corners before you blunder merrily in) goes completely out of the window.
* Reflexes are much faster when you pull off a snapshot against an approaching teammate than an approaching enemy. Praise the lord for friendly fire toggle!
* I love my bed!