Welcome To Fluff & Nonsense

Hello loyal readers!

This site carried the same theme for about seven years and, as I poked around the internet, I discovered that the theme I was using had long since retired, moved into a nursing home and died.

I’ve updated the theme (a couple of times, in fact) and this is the one we’re going with for now. The font looks better, the layout is a bit more adaptable and it generally looks better. This landing page still needs work doing to it, as does the antiquated About Me page but because this is a live site I’m trying to do things with as little disruption as possible.

Meanwhile, everything else is more or less as it was. The menu is on the left of the page on your PC, if you’re on tablet or mobile you need to click on the little menu icon at the top of the page and it will appear as if by magic. The Archive list which, let’s face it, was getting pretty long is now a simple drop-down box.

Click on “Blog” in the menu bar to access the blog posts that used to be here when you first arrived.

Everything should be organised fairly soon, but please bear with me.

Sorry for the mess!